Jobseeker FAQs

Registration and making a profile

I am visiting the site for the first time. How do I start?

You can start with filling your details (First Name, Last Name, Email id and Password) in the Jobseeker sign up section. Once the details are sent, you will receive a Verification mail from the site in your inbox. Click on the verification link and your registration will be complete.Then you can use your email id and password to login to the site.

How do I create my profile on the site?

You can create your profile only after you login to Once you have logged in to your account, begin with "Create/ Edit profile" section. You can update your information like Personal Details, Professional Summary, Current Employment and other sections on the site.It is recommended that you update your Profile regularly. Recruiters often contact only those candidates who have recently updated their profiles.

I am trying to upload my resume, but the site is showing an error - Invalid format. What seems to be the problem?

You need to upload your resume on the “Professional Summary” page in either Word document or PDF format. In case erroneously, you are uploading your resume on the "Personal Details" page, where the site has requested you to upload your picture, this error – Invalid Format will appear.

Is filling all the columns compulsory when making a profile?

When making a profile, filling all sections is not compulsory. You can complete your profile in one attempt or multiple logins.However incase you wish to apply to job opening(s), some sections are compulsory.

I have uploaded my resume that has all the details about my career, and would like to apply for jobs. But the site is showing incomplete profile, what should I do?

In order to apply to any job opening, it is mandatory to fill certain sections of your profile on the site besides uploading your resume. This helps the recruiters/ companies understand your career history better.

What are the mandatory fields to complete my profile, inorder to apply to jobs?

Following are the compulsory fields to apply to jobs –

  • Under Personal Details - Name, Last Name, Email Id, Current Location, Gender, Date of Birth, Mobile number
  • Under Professional Summary - Currently working in, Industry, Job Type, Employment Type, Total Work Experience, Total Salary and Resume
  • Under Current Employer - Function, Designation, Company, Working Since
  • Under Education - Graduation Degre

I have forgotten my password for the site. What should I do?

In case you have forgotten your password, below are the steps that one needs to take to Reset the same –

  • Click on the "Forgot Password" link at the right side on the Home Page
  • Enter your Email id
  • You will receive an email in your inbox from
  • Click on 'reset password' link in the mail
  • Reset the password as per your choice

How do I replace my old CV with an updated one?

Go to professional summary, click on Upload resume, browse and choose the file that you would like to upload and then Press Submit. This will automatically replace the old CV with the updated one.

I am a Fresher with no prior work experience. How do I complete my profile in order to apply to jobs?

Incase you are a Fresher, you need to fill the following details in the below stated manner –

Under Professional Summary:

  • Currently working in : Select 'Media'
  • Industry : Select 'Fresher'
  • Job type: As per your preference
  • Total work experience: 0 years

Under Current Employer:

  • Function : Select the function you are interested in
  • Designation: Select 'Fresher'
  • Company: Write 'Fresher'
  • Reporting to: Select 'Fresher'
  • Working since : Mention your year of graduation


Post this you will be eligible to apply to various jobs listed on the site.

Searching and Applying to Jobs

How do I search jobs on the site?

Click on the "Advanced Search" section and use the specific keywords to find relevant job openings suitable to your profile and location. You can also explore jobs by industry.If the search jobs shows lot of jobs, you can further filter your search by choosing filters listed on the left side of the page.

How many jobs can I apply to at one time?

At one click, you can apply to only one job at a time.However, in case there are multiple jobs that you are interested in, you can go to the details of each of the jobs and then apply to them.The website does not restrict number to jobs you can apply per login.

Can I see what all companies/ jobs have I applied to?

You can see all the jobs that you have applied for in the Applied Jobs folder under My Jobs.

Can I select a job but apply to it at a later date?

You can always save a selected job and apply later, if you are not sure of applying to the same immediately. Once you have selected a particular job vacancy, all you need to do is to “Save” link on the page.To retrieve the job/s you have saved, you may click in the "Saved Jobs" link under My Jobs.

Can I reapply to the same job opening?

The site does not permit applying to the same job opening since your application has reached the recruiter/ company. Incase they would like to take your candidature forward; it is up to their discretion to get in touch with you.

What should I expect after applying to job(s) that interest me?

Once you have successfully applied for a particular job vacancy, any future correspondence towards the same lies solely at the discretion of the company.
Controlling my profile View

Who all can see my profile on the site?

Once you have posted your Resume, all the recruiters who are registered with can access your profile.However, you can choose to block recruiters/ certain companies from viewing your resume. You can select the companies to block in the "Preferences" section of your profile.

I do not want my current employer to have access to my profile on the site. Is that possible? How can I do that?

You have an option to select companies to whom you do not wish to reveal your resume. All you have to do is to select the name of your current company in the "Block Company" list under the “Preferences” section. Your current company name will only be visible incase they are registered user of This will ensure that your present employer no longer has access to your Resume.